Box Solution page for developers
Based on its extensive experience, the ATMOSPHERE has created an automated BOX SOLUTION service that allows you to fill out an online questionnaire at any time to make the process of creating your living space the most convenient for you.

You get a completely ready-made interior with furniture, decorative items and textiles selected according to the dimensions of the property. We will take care of delivering things and cleaning the apartment for you. Only the date of the planned move should be indicated.
If you want to create a custom solution

We take care of the whole thing

You fill out the questionnaire and receive the preliminary cost of your finished interior
We make an accurate measurement of the room with a visit to the object or work online according to the object 's plans
Our designers create an ergonomic room layout
The furniture department selects and orders furniture
Delivery of furniture, assembly and cleaning of the apartment are included in the Box Solution package. |
Our specialists select the decor and lighting.
We organize the delivery of all necessary materials.
Our team is engaged in assembling and installing furniture, as well as cleaning premises after renovation.
The apartment is fully equipped with furniture, cleaned and ready for your comfortable life
Five main stages
Choice of interior style
Choice of square footage/number of rooms. Handing over of the facility plan (if an individual project is being implemented)
The ideal interior is ready in 5 days with photos of selected furniture and decor. You get a clean and ready-to-move-in apartment
P.S. We do everything for your comfort. We can even bring a pet if you feel that a cat should enter the house first